Resources “We become what we behold.” –M. McLuhan

Elements of Typographic Style

Author Robert Bringhurst writes about designing with the correct typeface; striving for rhythm, proportion, & harmony; choosing & combining type

Helvetica (film)

Directed by Gary Hustwit, this feature-length documentary film about type and graphic design. The film also features some superstars.

Hoefler & Co.

Jonathan Hoefler's world famous font foundry. Lots of love for former partner Tobias. :(

Thinking with Type

Broken into three parts: letter, text, and grid, it's a practical handbook for young designers. (Also, Ellen Lupton is my type crush.)

KernType: a kerning game

Instructions: Your mission is simple: achieve pleasant and readable text by distributing the space between letters.


Industry best type reviews, books, and commentary.

Quotes & Accents

Some procrastiwork from the lovely Jessica Hische (my other type crush) and the inspiration to have my own resources page.

Art of Looking Sideways

Master designer Alan Fletcher has spent a lifetime collecting images, useless information, quotations and scraps that take his fancy.

Designer News

A community centered around the most interesting things happening in design.


Great for weird finds, inspiration, and brain breaks.

The Shape of Design

"A fieldguide for makers. A love letter to design." by Frank Chimero


Awesome iOS Photoshop files and just all around UX design ballers.

Apple iOS 7 Design Resources

The Human Interface Guidelines reads like an ode to design; it's more dogma than a guideline. "[Aesthetic integrity] represents how well an app’s appearance and behavior integrates with its function to send a coherent message."

Buddhism (for Atheists)

"Buddhism can be a religion but it doesn't have to be. Buddhism is a set of principles and practices that demonstrably improve your life. No faith is necessary."


Best cross browser testing tool I've used to date. Instant access to all desktop and mobile browsers.


Set of software development methods based on iterative and incremental development.


Best cross browser testing tool I've used to date. Instant access to all desktop and mobile browsers.


Playground for the front end side of the web. Great for tiny prototypes. Supports LESS/SASS and CoffeeScript


All in one web API documentation reader. (It's keyboard enabled!)


Web-based hosting service for software development projects that use the Git revision control system

Learn it with Try Git.

HackerNews + DesignerNews

Technology, entrepreneurship, and design news side-by-side and democratized from Y Combinator, LayerVault, and Ahmet Sülek who brought them together.

O'Reilly Books

"Spreading the knowledge of innovators."

Toys, Gadgets, and Gear

Best Design Tools

The best design tools for (everything). As curated by the folks at Hack Design.

Sketch Beta

Cutting edge pro tool for making mock ups and wirefames for all things digital. Mac only. Requires the store version for $99.


Save and organize bookmarks in the cloud.


A better terminal for Mac OS

Mailbox App

Makes email actually not the worst thing ever. Now for desktop!

Sublime Text

If all it had was Package Control, I'd still love it forever. Best text editor in the land, like ever.


Lists, on crack.

MacBook Pro

8GB of ram and some days I wish it were tripled

Apple Cinema Display

Really pretty. Best monitor on the market. All for the one time fee of.. $999

Magic Mouse

I respect folks that have switched to the track pad for all the gestures, I just can't get into it with all the pen tool work.

Canon DSLR

Canon 500D ($700) with a 50mm f1.4 ($100); it's a good amature body & lens pair

Bulleit Bourbon

It's just damn good.


Awesome little toy. I've taken it all kinds of wild places and it always performs.

Cannondale CAAD9

The 2007 model with all Ultegra components; it more than does the trick - $1300

Rhodia Notepads

Pad N°18 - $8 each

Aeron Chair

By Herman Miller - $680

Ticonderoga #2 Pencils

Grampa swore by these and well into retirement he filed taxes for the less fortunate.

Timex Ironman

150 Lap - Tap, Orange. For running

Nooka Zub Zot

Sexy little watch that's a conversation starter and creative way to tell time.

Chrome Bravo Backpack

However typical and wicked expensive this bag is, but it's great for everything. Hiking to 14k feet, backpacking in Europe, and schlepping to and from the grocery store on a bike.

Homies and Badasses

Designers & Devs
Wilson Miner

His inspirational talk, "When we build"

Frank Chimero

Digital designer, author, teacher. His nourishing talk "The Shape of Design" at the Build Conf.

Craig Mod

Independent writer, designer and publisher


Marsbot designer, formerly Foursquare

Paul Irish

Font-end god, Google Chrome dev relations guy, jQuery Team member

Elle Luna

The Crossroads of Should and Must – a great pep talk for living

Photo & Film
Ansel Adams

Photographer and environmentalist best known for his black-and-white landscape photographs of the American West, especially of Yosemite.
More about Ansel Adams on Artsy


Work with top visual storytellers, interactive designers, and global organizations to create narratives that speak to the human condition.

Chris Milk

One of my favorite art directors. Manages to combine music, film, and digital installation in ever more creative and awe-inspiring forms.

Stephen Wilkes

Shoots these beautiful "Day to Night" pieces that are painstaking. My badass buddy Alexander Abdalian travels the world assisting Wilkes in making these masterpieces.

Eric Meola

SU Grad 1968 then went ahead and shot the cover of Springsteen's Born to Run in 1975

Dennis Crowley

Founder & CEO, Foursquare

Alexis Ohanian

Founder of Reddit, Internet protector, and all-around nice guy.

Philip Caplan

Formerly Fu*ked Company and TinyLetter. Currently building Fandalism, a social networking website for musicians

Remy DeCausemaker

Defender of the internet, badass beard owner, researcher/mentor at the FOSSBox at RIT.

Starship NEXIS

Lab run by a mentor of mine, Anthony Rotolo known for it's New Explorations in Information Science

Syracuse Tech Garden and Student Sandbox

John Liddy aka. "Coach Lids" is killing it in Armory Square.

Ira Glass on Storytelling

15 minutes of genius