Project Name

Little Tinker, LLC

Co-founder, Design Lead
Connecting the physical and digital world with 3D printed models, smart electronics, and social media APIs.
In 2010, there was a flood of innovation happening all around us. But we started with a fundamental question: Can technology make people's lives better? Can it make life easier?

Isaac and I started creating toys and videos as roommates at Syracuse University. We both were creatives and engineers, with a similar love of making. We saw ourselves as 'tinkerers' in a world that was taking itself too seriously. Functional and useful was obvious, we wanted to make products that were fun. We never took off until Chris Becker, a brilliant engineer joined us. His brilliance, creativity and openness combined with our imagine of a better future created a sense of optimism. We set out to answer those fundamental questions with every project we took on.

We started experimenting with the intersection of the physical and digital world. A few of our first creations included: the first twitter drinking game "#DrinkUp" and a "Here on Instagram" wall installation. Other experiments included: a connected RedBull dispenser, a Tweeting laundry machine, a Spotify alarm clock and others.

One client, NEXIS, a research lab was doing cutting-edge experiments with social media at the time, but their space looked like any other lab on campus. So we made them a Foursquare Check-in Gumball Rocket.

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