Christopher is a product designer based in San Francisco, California. He's currently working on the Document Cloud team at Adobe.

He spent the last five years designing a mix of enterprise and consumer software at SocialCode, Trove, and Washington Post Innovation Lab. Before that, he designed IoT products at Little Tinker and studied graphic design and public policy at Syracuse University. You can find a few more interesting bits on his Resumé.

In 2012, he was the recipient of the Society for News Design, Edmund C. Arnold Award for design excellence.

In addition to his obsession with product design and user experience, Chris is an avid photographer, distance runner, motorcyclist, and climber. Originally from Rhode Island, his mother was a hardware tech in the 1980’s and his father is a psychologist. He's an Eagle Scout and still loves outdoor adventuring.


Q: Are you available for freelance work?

A: Nope.

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